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Martin Rieger, 3D Audio expert committing his life to immersive experience


    Hey there, I’m Martin Rieger, the sound engineer behind VRTonung, and I’m here to take you on an auditory journey like no other! If you’re looking for mind-blowing 3D audio experiences and immersive content, you’ve come to the right place. You are looking for expertise since you are conducting and interview or research? Let me help you!

    I’m here to give you a glimpse into the world of spatial audio and its incredible potential in the realm and art of virtual reality.

    Why I’m Doing all of This

    Most of the time people don’t really know why I’m so obsessed with playing with immersive audio and binaural technology. So let’s start with why I became a special sort of mixing engineer.

    Passion for Sound Engineering and Composing

    Sound engineering and music composing have been my lifelong passions. From a young age, I was drawn to the captivating world of audio and its ability to evoke emotions and paint vivid pictures in our minds. As I honed my skills in sound engineering and music composition, I found myself constantly seeking new challenges and ways to push the boundaries of audio experiences.

    Fascination with Virtual Reality and Immersive Technologies

    I had a wow-moment when I first put a VR glass on my head like a decade ago and felt like I’ve seen the future. But quickly I realized. “Wait, if the medium is 3D, shouldn’t the sound also be heard in 3D”? Answering this question got me so hooked that I stopped to accept all traditional audio mixing jobs like films etc. I wanted to dedicate my life to immersive media and therefore mixed and produced nothing but these fancy new formats because I felt the is so much potential to reinvent who we work with sound.

    My journey into the world of virtual reality and immersive technologies opened up a whole new realm of possibilities for audio. The idea of transporting people into different realities, where they can watch, interact, hear, and explore, captured my imagination. It was a thrilling prospect to be part of an industry that was rapidly evolving and had the potential to revolutionize how we perceive and act with media coming from multiple directions.

    Desire to Enhance Immersion and Realism in XR Experiences

    One of the key driving forces behind my work in 3D audio and immersive sound is the strong desire to enhance immersion and realism in XR experiences. I believe that surround sound is a powerful tool that can truly elevate virtual reality to new heights. By meticulously crafting spatial audio and leveraging cutting-edge technologies like binaural sound and Dolby Atmos, I aim to make sounds that transport users into rich and believable worlds, where they feel like active participants rather than mere spectators.

    The convergence of my passion for sound engineering, fascination with virtual reality, and quest for sounds to support and enhance immersion in XR experiences has led me to create my studio and blog called VRTonung. It’s a pun in German, basically meaning “sound on vision for VR”. Through my work, I hope to contribute to the ongoing evolution of immersive media and make sound an integral part of the breathtaking worlds that unfold before us in virtual reality.

    What I’m Doing

    Check out my services at https://www.vrtonung.de/service if you want to know the details. But to be frank, I offer consulting, recording and mixing exclusively for projects that wouldn’t have worked in stereo. This is where immersive audio can shine. Therefore focus more on the industry sector rather then game audio, to find meaningful experiences

    Specialization in Cinematic Virtual Reality and XR Productions

    As VRTonung, my specialization lies in crafting captivating audio experiences for cinematic virtual reality and XR productions. I collaborate with filmmakers, artists, content creators, and XR game developers to breathe life into their projects through the power of immersive sound.

    With over 50 projects spanning 15 countries, I’ve gained extensive expertise in delivering high-quality audio that complements and enhances the visual storytelling in XR. I’m a fan of linear immersive storytelling, but don’t mind adding useful interactive elements.

    3d audio expert wearing vr glasses

    Leveraging Spatial Audio and Binaural Technology

    At VRTonung, I believe that sound is not just the icing on the cake but a fundamental element that profoundly impacts how users perceive and engage with virtual worlds. On the one hand I’m one of the biggest enthusiasts, but a big critique. I always reflect on whether my work makes sense. That’s why I’ve contributed to multiple papers and research pieces, to have evidence of the benefits of spatial audio.

    Throughout the years, I’ve been gathering a huge collection of recording devices such as custom microphones and sound devices that I took with me to projects all over the world. For post-production, I can claim to have tried what feels like all of the audio tools and plugins out there. The most frequenttly asked question I get is what my favorite is. But I think it’s not the software that creates great results, but the experience gathered from versatile projects like few on this world.

    Integrating Dolby Atmos and Optimizing Room Acoustics

    To achieve the highest level of audio realism, I integrate cutting-edge technologies like Dolby Atmos, MPEG-H and Ambisonics, into XR productions. This allows for precise placement of sound objects in a 3D space, creating a truly lifelike audio environment.

    Additionally, I pay meticulous attention to optimizing room acoustics during the post-production process, ensuring that the final delivery of recorded audio is flawless and maintains its intended impact regardless of the location or playback system.

    I also have a set of special headphones on a dedicated SOFA file, which is basically a virtual model of my head to localize binaural audio better. By combining my passion for sound engineering, fascination with immersive technologies, and commitment to pushing the boundaries of spatial audio, I strive to transport users into extraordinary worlds where sound becomes a key protagonist and device in the narrative of the virtual experience.

    How I’m Doing This

    As founder of VRTonung, I’ve had the privilege of working on a variety of exciting projects that showcase the power of immersive audio in different industries. For example, in the immersive media world, I collaborated with leading developers and directors to create an immersive experience. This includes event installations, an online marketing campaign for tourism, or health applications in the medical sector.

    My focus is the B2B industry. In the automotive sector, I partnered with renowned car manufacturers like BMW Group and VW Group to design demos for their futuristic showroom installations, enhancing the customer experience and leaving a lasting impression on potential buyers…. and a lot of things I can’t really talk about 😉

    3d audio expert martin rieger smiling in front of his 3d audio equipment

    Utilizing a Holistic Approach to Sound Design

    As a skilled audio engineer, sound designer and music producer, I draw upon my deep-rooted passion for audio to deliver top-notch services that cater to the immersive listening needs of various industries. Whether it’s crafting audio for films, gaming, or virtual reality, I understand the unique possibilities that spatial audio and binaural technology offer, and I embrace the challenge of engineering sound that transcends the limitations of traditional stereo.

    Collaborating with Various Industries for Immersive Projects

    Collaborating with directors, artists, and teams in the cinema industry, I approach each project with a user-centric focus, aiming to understand the audience and their interaction with the immersive content. Most people try to use 3d audio for everything. But this is for me the wrong approach. 3D Audio shouldn’t be misused as an argument to make sales. It needs to be the must-have solution for a specific use-case and its listeners. Otherwise, it’s just a sign for trying hard, but having limited knowledge of what this space can actually offer.

    Running a Dedicated Blog to Educate and Advocate for Spatial Audio

    My dedication to spatial audio doesn’t stop at project completion. I actively advocate for the development and wider adoption of immersive audio by running a dedicated blog and videos. This is where I share insights, tutorials, and updates on the latest audio technologies and trends.

    Additionally, I wholeheartedly engage with the XR community through events, speakers and workshops, fostering a collective understanding of the potential that spatial audio holds for creating captivating experiences. This is why I’m affiliated with associations like the XRBAvaria e.V., VBW (Bavarian Industry Association) media delegate, BIBB (Germany’s Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training), AES (audio engineering society), BVFT (German film sound association).

    Pioneering Sound Design for Immersive Media with Problem-Solving Approach

    Understanding the significance of directorial vision and user experience, I collaborate closely with creative teams to ensure that the audio complements the visuals and gameplay perfectly. From understanding the nuances of feedback from individual headphones to optimizing setup of loudspeakers, I take every aspect into account to ensure that users can fully immerse themselves in the virtual world.

    I like to call myself the bridge between technology and creativity. I feel like most of the time, studios build great technology but hardly have the knowledge of how to make use of it in the mix. The other way round I see a room of artsy people now understanding the technical limitations and possibilities. When technology meets creativitiy, this is where I can help to build a sweetspot and make the processing shine.

    Let’s do something great

    If you’re looking to elevate your XR project with cutting-edge spatial audio, you can apply to collaborate with me. Whether it’s a cinematic virtual reality production, a gaming experience, a game, or any immersive media project, my expertise in 3D audio and immersive technologies can take your creation to new heights.

    If you’re interested in learning more about spatial audio, conducting interviews, doing research or seeking consulting on all aspects of immersive sound, don’t hesitate to reach out. I’m passionate about educating others and advocating for the power of sound in the XR industry. Let’s explore the possibilities of immersive audio and create a world where users can truly hear, feel, and experience the magic of virtual reality. Get in touch with me at and let’s start shaping the future of audio in XR together!

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