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#EUsavesLives Roadshow (VR Experience)

#EUsavesLives Roadshow (VR Experience)

My entire sound for this Virtual Reality Experience, shot in Belgium, Denmark, and Bangladesh. I delivered the 360° sound mixes in 7 languages and interactive UX elements.
The Audi Beat Video

The Audi Beat Video

The Audi Beat shows how the different professions of a car dealership interact like an orchestra. A video-beat project that I accompanied before, during and after the shooting.

I take care of entire projects from pre-production to sound recording and the final post-production


A well thought through concept makes sure, every necessary element is being captured. While shooting, I can easily consider, what sounds are better to be created in my post-production and thus, save time for everyone on set.

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A term with vague definition, but practical variety. To make it simple, this is the step of bringing your audio in the perfect shape. No matter if calm ambiences or huge sounds "larger than life" – this is where the magic happens.

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Music Production

It’s getting emotional…or intoxication…or hilarious?! Music forms the mood. What I realized, when working on a variety of commercials, documentaries, and feature films: individual composed music simply gets it better to the point.

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Since VR is a medium that still has a lot to explore, I gladly pass on my gathered knowledge. At various events, I give lectures and workshops as a speaker and mentor for creative people and technicians alike.

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It’s a challenge to get through the jungle of opportunities and possibilities in the XR world, so I’m happy to be able to offer holistic support beyond sound with a strong network of XR industry giants and research facilities.

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100+ shooting days

40+ VR-Projects

endless fun talking about sound

Extended Reality (XR) projects are a new challenge for immersive media. Find out more interesting information and stories on my dedicated Blog.

Martin Rieger Speaker

360° Sound Production


Hey, I’m Martin from VRTONUNG, but what does that name even mean? Trust me, it’s punny in German, but let’s just say its a blending of VR and sound on vision.

But seriously: I’m focused on this topic because it personally makes sense on many levels. I enjoy working on my own in post-production but also traveling with a team on film sets. Accompanying from the beginning to the very end, to strive for your perfect sound.

With a Media Technology (M.Eng.) background, I have the necessary overview and can offer solutions in excess of just clear audio.

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