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Adobe Live UK | 3D Audio und Sounddesign in Premiere Pro

Live Webinar:

Update English Version

Due to popular request, we’ll do another session in English, 19th of July. Looking forward!

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Here is the video. I was super happy to have Joe Allam hosting the show. He is a well-known photographer on YouTube with over 244.000 subscribers. I appreciate him preparing so much for the show and asking really good questions for the audience.

How to use 3D audio in Premiere Pro?

I have been using Adobe Premiere Pro for over 10 years. I got hooked on it while I was still in school. And then in college it became even more intense. Now, some time later, I had the pleasure again. In fact, I edited the whole Sounds of Germany campaign with it.

In the process, I came up with a lot of tricks and workflows on how to work with sound in Premiere Pro. In fact, of course, it offers the ability to play 3D audio in the form of binaural dummy head recordings as stereo. But even with the VST plugin interface, I was able to use DearVR Pro from Dear Reality, for example.

But what exactly is 3D audio? Well, spatial sound is booming right now in all areas. So that everyone is on the same level of knowledge of the technology, Martin Rieger picks up briefly with a presentation. So that everyone is on the same level. The event will be moderated by Tim Möbest. He will of course also keep an eye on the chat.

Click here for the livestream:

Rewind Review

Here is also already the whole stream:


For me, as always, it was great to talk about my favorite topic, 3D Audio. For many people in the live chat, it was a completely new topic. Therefore, I was able to bring everyone up to the same level of knowledge with a few slides. Where might people have heard 3D audio before? So what content is already out there? How does our spatial hearing work? What does the future hold with object-based audio, gaming and in industry?

Use Case

Then it was hands-on to an example of what I produced: Colorful and Creative Leipzig in 3D Audio. So the audience could also hear a practical usecase directly. But how was the whole thing recorded?

Live Sound

So in the next part, I finished the screensharing and showed all the miking in live. The dummy head is great for making the difference from mono to 3D audible to people. The feedback was also clear because it’s like comparing day and night.

Hands-on Premiere

And last but not least, we were able to see how to work with 3D audio in Adobe Premiere Pro. Of course, the dummy head recordings were shown again and compared with the camera sound and a directional microphone. This showed hands-on the project and made it understandable for the audience why I don’t even use a handful of video tracks. But 20 audio tracks.

After a good hour, the fun was over too. I was very happy about the great feedback from the chat. Thanks also for the moderation, that harmonized great and the time flew by.

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