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Dolby Atmos studio: Why produce here spatial audio now?


    3D Audio & Dolby Atmos Studios – The Current State

    3D audio has become a significant trend that is not just temporary, but is changing the way we experience audio content in the long term. A major reason for this is the increasing prevalence of headphones. Nearly everyone owns a pair of headphones these days, whether it’s for traveling, exercising, or listening to music at home. Headphones already make it possible to enjoy 3D sound without the need for special speaker arrangements. This makes the potential for immersive sound tangible and accessible to a wide audience.

    Audio Streaming Booms

    Another factor is the boom in music and movie streaming. Streaming platforms offer a huge selection of content that can be consumed conveniently and flexibly. 3D audio greatly enriches this experience by offering a new level of immersion and engagement. Whether it’s a live recording of a concert in 3D sound or the soundtrack of a movie that seems to float around the audience thanks to object-based audio, 3D audio makes listeners feel part of the scene and immersed in the action.

    Friends having fun at the beach.

    The triumph of podcasts is also contributing to the success of 3D Audio. Podcasts are ubiquitous today and cover a wide range of topics, from entertainment and education to news and culture. By incorporating 3D audio into podcasts, narratives and stories can be made more compelling and emotional to listen to. Listeners feel as if they are standing right next to the speakers and are part of the conversation.

    The infrastructure for productions is already there

    In addition to the growing popularity of 3D audio, technological developments and the availability of specialized software provide a solid infrastructure to leverage this new format and impressive audio technology. Producers and artists can access a variety of tools and platforms to create and distribute 3D audio content.

    All in all, 3D audio is not a short-term trend, but an integral part of the future of audio entertainment. The ability to experience immersive sound is steadily gaining importance and is permanently changing our perception of audio content. We humans are used to perceiving our surroundings in three dimensions. Now it is possible to make any project sound as natural as that, thanks to the use of the right mixes.

    Our recording and mixing studio is proud to be at the forefront of this fascinating development, providing you with unique 3D audio experiences that will make all the difference to your project.

    The magic of 3D audio: creating immersive experiences

    3D audio provides a breathtaking sound environment that takes the audience on a journey. With our state-of-the-art equipment and expertise, we create a three-dimensional sound field that engages the senses and achieves a new level of immersion. Whether you are in our studio, at home, or in a concert hall, our 3D immersive audio experience will delight you.

    Streaming of Video with 3D Audio

    Our Dolby Atmos sound studio is not only specialized in music production. We also offer solutions for film sound, surround sound and immersive audio formats. Our experience and technical equipment allow us to create the optimal sound for any application. From recording to mixing and mastering – we offer comprehensive solutions for your individual needs.

    Sound Big. Sound Immersive – with Dolby Atmos

    Dolby Atmos is the key to presenting movies and music in a mesmerizing way. By using Dolby Atmos, we create an immersive sound environment that captivates audiences. Our state-of-the-art technology allows us to place musical objects in space and create a sound experience that surrounds and engages the listener. Immerse yourself in the full sonic richness of Dolby Atmos.

    In our recording studio, we offer plenty of room for creative development. Whether it’s a recording room or mixing control room, we create an inspiring environment where artists and sound engineers can bring their ideas to life. With a wide range of solutions and a professional team, we support the realization of your creative visions and produce exceptional musical productions.

    How Sound Studios Mix Dolby Atmos Music and Film

    Dolby: Atmos system is an advanced 3D audio format that creates an immersive sound environment. It is “object-based,” meaning that sound is treated as individual audio objects that can be freely placed in 3D space. Unlike traditional stereo or channel-based systems, Dolby Atmos allows for precise positioning of audio elements so that sound can move seamlessly around the audience.

    Panorama des Dolby Atmos Tonstudio

    This creates an immersive sound experience that immerses viewers directly into the action. In our Dolby Atmos studios, we use this innovative technology to create unique and immersive sound experiences that take your projects to the next level. Immerse yourself in the magical world of Dolby Atmos and experience sound like never before.

    This is how technology makes its way to millions of people

    Thanks to Dolby Atmos studios object-based technology, we are independent of specific speaker configurations in our recording studio. This means we can mix the sound as high as possible in the object-based format without worrying about the specific number or placement of speakers. Whether your audience is using soundbars, smart speakers, or headphones with or without head tracking, the immersive sound quality is maintained.

    This is because Dolby AC-4 enables optimal adjustment of playback. This advanced audio encoding system ensures that the sound is automatically optimized depending on individual playback conditions and audio interface. This means that your viewers can enjoy the best possible sound experience, no matter which computer or playback device they use. Whether for music productions tracks and mixes, film sound or podcast mixes as well as radio plays.

    Let’s explore the fascinating world of 3D audio together and enrich your projects with impressive sound. Our Dolby Atmos sound studio is ready to provide you with an unforgettable sound experience that will immerse your audience deep into your stories and take them to a new dimension of listening.

    Look over Martin Rieger Shoulder as he mixes something in his Dolby Atmos Tonstudio

    3D Sound is more than Dolby Atmos

    Most Dolby Atmos studios stop at this point, but our sound studio goes one step further. Not only are we experts in Dolby Atmos mixing and object-based audio, but we are also extremely experienced in working with a variety of other audio formats and interactive platforms. These include formats like Ambisonics and MPEG-H, as well as middleware like F-Mod and WWise.

    Immersive audio offers far more than just possible applications in the music industry and film. As a studio, we understand the diverse applications of 3D audio and will be happy to advise you on how to make the most of this groundbreaking technology for your projects. Whether it’s virtual reality, augmented reality, video games, interactive experiences or other applications, we’ll find the right solution for your project.

    Our goal is to provide you with a customized offering that meets your individual requirements and creative ideas. With our extensive expertise and passion for innovative audio technologies, we create an immersive sound experience that will enchant your audience. Let our recording studio inspire you and together we will take your projects to a new level of listening experience.

    Creative partner with experience: Our Dolby Atmos sound studio

    Welcome to our Dolby Atmos studios, a place where sound comes to life in a new dimension. As experts in the field of 3D audio recording studios, we offer premium quality and an immersive experience for our clients. Immerse yourself in the world of 3D sound and experience music like never before.

    Ein Studio in dem Sound Effekte produziert werden.

    A team with know-how and experience

    Our team consists of experienced sound engineers, record producers and musicians who have extensive know-how and many years of music industry experience. With our in-depth knowledge of Dolby Atmos and 3D audio, we are able to create unique sound and music experiences. We understand the different requirements of music production and work closely with our clients to realize their musical visions.

    We pride ourselves on our dedicated team that works with passion and expertise on every production. Our experienced team brings a variety of skills and perspectives to give your recordings the perfect sound. Our focus is on you, and we use all of our expertise to make your projects a success.

    From Munich recording studio in Germany around the world

    Our recording studio is well equipped to provide the highest quality recording and broadcasting from all over the world. With state-of-the-art audio technology, state-of-the-art microphones, preamps and radios, we are perfectly prepared to deliver flawless results for both feature films and special 3D audio projects. Because we know how important it is to be able to rely on our equipment in any situation – just like our colleagues and customers.

    Our production sound equipment includes a wide range of high-quality microphones optimized for different applications and recording conditions. We rely on leading brands such as Sennheiser, Neumann and Sanken to ensure the best possible audio quality.

    We are particularly proud of our special 3D microphones, which enable us to achieve outstanding results in immersive audio formats such as Dolby Atmos and Ambisonics. These innovative microphones allow us to capture sound in a three-dimensional space, creating an immersive listening experience that immerses viewers deeply in the story.

    Dolby Atmos Tonstudio - Dolby Atmos Studios

    Whether producing feature films, documentaries, virtual reality content or other creative projects, our recording studio offers the professional equipment and technical know-how to bring your visions to life. We do everything we can to ensure that you can rely on our technology and that your audiovisual projects are realized in outstanding sound quality. Because the satisfaction of our customers and the quality of our work are our top priority.

    Best technical equipment for immersive audio

    Our sound studio offers impressive technical equipment for the realization of your creative projects. It doesn‘t matter whether you are trying to realize a music or film project, we record everything. In our sound design suite & mixing control room with a speaker setup of 7.1.4 we combine high quality technology with variable acoustic modules to create an optimal working environment. With our Pro Tools Ultimate HD system on a Mac Pro, supported by an AVID ICON D-Control ES16, we have powerful tools at our disposal to realize the sound edit, sound design and final mix of your productions at the highest level.

    Our Sound Studio, equipped as a 7.1.4 Mixing Stage & Binaural Recording Stage, allows you to enjoy the final steps of film production in great sound quality. With our 7.1 Main Surround System, consisting of 3x Neumann KH 310 A Front, 4x KH 120 A Surround and the KH810 LFE, you will be immersed in an immersive sound experience. Complemented by 4x Neumann KH80 ceiling speakers, Yamaha NS10 studio speakers and Fostex 6301B TV reference monitors, we offer a wide range of listening options that allow us to create the perfect sound.

    To guarantee you the best possible sound quality atmos mix, we use high quality technology like the Avid MTRX Studio Interface, 2x RME Fireface Interface and Ferrofish AD/DA converters. With the RTW TM7 measurement monitor and a 75-inch LED TV with 4K resolution, we always have a full overview of the sound details. In addition, we rely on proven software bundles such as Waves Mercury, Waves Studio Classics, iZotope RX9 Advanced Denoising & Audio Restoration, Altiverb 7 XL and many more synthesizers and sound libraries.

    We offer cinema mixes up to 7.1 as well other systems such as the Dolby Atmos Home Production Suite in a 7.1.4 system. Comfort is our top priority, which is why we provide a comfortable couch for clients and producers and fairly produced coffee, latte and espresso for your relaxation and enjoyment.

    Recording Booth - Dolby Atmos

    We are proud of the great atmosphere in our studio, which inspires creative minds and offers you an optimal working environment. Immerse yourself in the world of professional sound and experience music and sound design on a new level in our Dolby Atmos recording studio. We look forward to bringing your creative visions to life and providing you with an immersive sound experience.

    Recording in a first class environment Dolby Atmos music studio

    Our recording studio offers a first-class recording space that is acoustically optimized and ensures excellent sound quality. With our high-quality equipment and expertise, we ensure that your recordings meet the highest quality standards. Whether it’s vocals, instruments or sound effects, we’ll give you the perfect sound for your recordings.

    Our VoiceOver & Recording Stage room, equipped with a 50-inch full HD LED TV and a separate timecode display, offers you the perfect environment and setup for professional voice recording. With high-quality microphones such as the Neumann TLM 103 large-diaphragm microphone and the Avantone BV-1 large-diaphragm tube microphone, as well as a variety of small-diaphragm microphones such as Neumann, Sennheiser, Audio-Technica and Sanken, we offer you first-class recording options.

    Mixing and mastering at the highest level

    Mixing is an art in which all elements of a recording are combined to create a harmonious sound image. Our experienced sound engineers have mastered this art and give your recordings the perfect mix. With our first-class equipment and expertise in mix room, we ensure that every nuance of sound is shown to its best advantage.

    Jemand sitzt in einem leeren Raum, umgeben von Schallwellen.

    Mastering is the final step in production where the sound is refined and optimized for different formats. Our mastering studio here has the latest technology and experienced mastering engineers to ensure that your music sounds its best in any situation. We offer full range of professional mastering for various media such as TV, film and streaming platforms.

    Get in on the action now and make Dolby atmos work for you

    In our Dolby Atmos studios, we offer first-class 3D audio recording, professional mixing and mastering, and comprehensive solutions for your musical projects. With our experienced team, high-quality equipment and passion for sound, we create unique audio experiences that bring your music to life.

    Come by and experience the magic of 3D audio in our recording and mastering studio. Inquire now without obligation!

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