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Zum Wohl – Video Beat Foley Music

This video describes quite well how I like to work multidisciplinary with music. So I cut a beat out of different recordings of a kitchen, incorporated the concept and later just jammed some music along.

The complete post-production: image (editing, split screens, color grading) and sound (restoration, mixing, music) from a single source.

This video describes quite well how I like to work with music in an interdisciplinary way. I cut a beat from various shots of a kitchen, incorporated the concept and later simply jammed music to it myself.

The complete post-production: image (editing, split screens, colour grading) and sound (restoration, mixing, music) from a single source.

About the concept

This type of video, in which everyday noises and sounds are collected and put together to form a rhythmic beat, falls into the category of “musique concrète” or “found sound” music. This technique is widely used in experimental music and was originally developed in the 1940s by musicians and composers such as Pierre Schaeffer.

It involves recording sounds from the real world and using them musically. As a foley artist, I have taken on the challenge of recording sounds from the real world and using them musically, much like Jack Foley did in the film industry.

Beat making with video

In creating these beats, often referred to as Foley effects, I recorded ambient or everyday sounds – such as typing on a keyboard, the clinking of crockery, footsteps, machine noises or the flow of water – and edited them into a rhythmic pattern. These sounds were cut, edited, looped and sometimes given effects to create a musical context.

In the context of “found sound” or “sound sampling”, everyday noise becomes an instrument. Artists often use digital audio workstations (DAWs), samplers and other processing tools to transform the recorded sounds.

Potential for advertising

Nowadays, this practice has also spread to video platforms such as YouTube and social media networks. Artists and content creators are producing videos in which they use this technique to create entertaining and creative beats. These videos are not only musically interesting, but also provide a visual component by showing how the sounds are created.

Zum Wohl

In a world where the boundaries between everyday sounds and music are becoming increasingly blurred, I embarked on an exciting project: the creation of a unique beat inspired and shaped by the sounds of a restaurant kitchen. Kitchens are places of pulsating energy and rhythms. Every hiss, every clink and every call of the chefs forms a natural symphony just waiting to be interpreted musically.

The creative process: recording and post-production

The first step in this creative adventure was the recording. Equipped with high-quality microphones and a keen ear for detail, I captured the diverse sounds of a lively kitchen. From the melodic clatter of crockery to the rhythmic cut of knives, each sound was carefully selected to become part of the final beat. Post-production, including sound restoration and mixing, was crucial to create a harmonious and appealing overall picture from the raw recordings.

These sounds were then transformed in post-production. Editing, split screens and colour grading in the visual segment and restoration and mixing in the audio segment created a harmonious and appealing overall picture from the raw recordings. It was particularly exciting to see and hear how the individual sounds came together to form a beat – a process that required both technical skill and creative vision.

Why a restaurant?

The choice to shoot in a restaurant was not only a question of aesthetics, but also one of authenticity. Restaurants are places of life, creativity and passion – qualities that I wanted to capture and reflect in my project. In addition, the kitchen offers an inexhaustible source of original and diverse sounds that are perfectly suited to be placed in a musical context.

But of course other locations are also conceivable. I have already realised the concept for the Audi Beat Making Video and Sounds of Germany.

My work in the kitchen of a restaurant is just one example of how versatile my skills can be. A special feature of my work is the integration of music, which I play myself on my guitar. This personal touch adds an extra emotional depth to any project and helps to set the right mood. My speciality, 3D audio recording and post-production, is adaptable and can come into its own in a variety of contexts. From commercials that need a distinctive sonic identity, to film productions that need to be immersive with authentic sound, to music production and event design – my techniques are broadly applicable.

The art of transforming everyday sounds into captivating musical compositions can offer unique value in many different areas. I work closely with my clients to understand their visions and create customised acoustic solutions that reinforce their messages and engage their audiences on a deeper level.


This project was a journey into the depths of acoustic creativity for me. Not only did it showcase my skills in audio recording and post-production, but it also showed how inspiring and versatile the world around us can be. Every sound has a story to tell and every environment offers a unique musical landscape – you just have to listen carefully.

Are you ready to add an extraordinary acoustic dimension to your project? Contact me to find out how I can bring your ideas to life with my unique audiovisual skills. Whether it’s a commercial production, an artistic short film or an innovative advertising campaign, I’m ready to take on the challenge and work with you to create something extraordinary.

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