Audi Beat

The “Audi Beat” Beatmaking Video

The Audi Beat. It must be a really cool project that is not Virtual Reality that I still feel like doing it – like this video-beat

The basic idea was to compose a music from the different tones that can be found in a car dealership, showing how the different areas, from the mechanic to the office, play together just like an orchestra.

The challenge was, among other things, that we only knew very limited in advance which sound sources would really exist on site and therefore are authentic. So I worked out a basic concept with a rough composition, conducted the people and had to decide flexibly, how the tone will be arranged in the finished piece. Together with the editor, I later put the filmed storyline together to a video-beat, taking into account the dramaturgy, which should also be reflected auditively.

Here, I handled the entire audio production, as a sound engineer on set, from the sound design to the final mix – and to give it even more richness, I spontaneously composed additional musical instruments and the Audi Video-Beat was finished.

Here is a MakingOf:

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