Quintessenz - VR Water experience

Quintessenz: An Multisensory immersive sound installation

Quintessenz: An Multisensory immersive sound installation

All things are made of water, proclaimed the ancient Greek philosopher Thales of Milet. This age-old wisdom serves as the foundational principle for the XR performative installation, Quintessenz, meticulously developed as a prototype by the company Synaesthetica München in collaboration with Dr. Vesna Petresin.

The installation dives deep into the interplay of water, sound, and matter, transcending traditional boundaries. It immerses participants in an abstract yet meditative exploration of nature’s beauty. As we embark on this journey, let’s unravel the layers of Quintessenz, and explore a site where ancient wisdom converges with cutting-edge XR technologies.

Why: Merging Art, Technology, and Education

Immersive audio is not just about hearing sounds; it’s about feeling enveloped by the soundscape, transforming spectators into active participants in the projects. This multidimensional approach to sound design intensifies the sense of connection and realism for the listener, bringing the stage closer and making them feel part of the entire experience

Quintessenz transcends conventional boundaries, aiming to bridge the realms of art, science, technology, and education. In addition, beyond its immersive artistic allure, the installation serves as a didactic platform, offering a unique and unforgettable learning experience. Secondly, the XR components, designed as a touring project, adapt to diverse exhibition spaces and locations, enriching both aesthetic and installations facets.

Sustainable Micro-Ecosystem as installations focus

Sustainability takes center stage with the integration of a hydraulic diode, which created a functioning yet aesthetically captivating micro-ecosystem. Notably, this diode, coupled with built-in turbines, not only protects pressure lines from hydraulic shocks but also generates energy through purely mechanical means, showcasing a sustainable and functional artistic element.

Expertise of the Team for immersive audio

Led by Dr. Vesna Petresin and Martin Rieger, the company’ creative director and 3D sound engineer respectively, the Quintessenz community team ensures a harmonious fusion of art, technology, and education. Their expertise and creativity guarantee that the installation delivers an immersive, educational, and emotionally resonant experience.

What: The Quintessenz Experience Unveiled

Immersive 3D sound is an advanced audio recording technology that creates a fully immersive listening experience in realistic environments for the audience. It is intricately woven into immersive sound installations, which are a form of digital art that envelops the listener in a multi-sensory environment.

The concept of immersive sound installations lives in their ability to simulate realistic environments through spatial audio. This technology allows for the creation of a sound space where audio moves and interacts with the listener as it would in real life. The role of immersive audio installations and music in art is pivotal, as they transform the way we perceive and connect with artworks, enhancing the overall immersive experience.

Get fully immersed with 3D Audio

By utilizing immersive sound, art installations can engage visitors on a deeper level, encouraging exploration and interaction within the playback and physical space of the museum. The result is to create a compelling narrative that is not only heard but also felt, making immersive 3D sound a powerful storytelling tool in the realm of contemporary art.

At the core of Quintessenz is an XR performative installation, carefully crafted by Synaesthetica München in cooperation with VRTonung. This immersive journey draws inspiration from Thales of Milet’s ancient philosophy, exploring the elemental connection between water, sound, and matter. Presented at the Deutsche Museum, the installation serves as a poetic knowledge journey, delving into the cosmic symphony and beauty of nature. Synthesizing insights from cymatics, sonofusion, and Nikola Tesla’s energy perspectives, Quintessenz encapsulates the profound interplay of these elements.

Immerse in XR Technologies

Quintessenz ingeniously integrates VR, XR, and 3D audio technologies. Consequently, the experience unfolds through 3D soundscapes, VR sequences, AR extensions, and projection mapping. These components work in harmony, creating a multisensory exploration of water’s cosmic nature. The 3D sound installation features polyphonic voices, ambient sounds, and immersive music compositions that synchronize seamlessly with captivating visuals. Smart sound rendering in a virtual 3D space enhances spatial audio, while projection mapping transforms the surroundings dynamically.

How: Crafting an Immersive Synesthetic Fusion

Imagine stepping into a room and being surrounded by sounds that whisk you away to another dimension. That’s the wonder and magic of immersive 3D sound, folks! It’s storytelling, not just audio; it’s an experience that wraps around you like a warm blanket on a chilly night.

It’s all about the tech, my friends. We’ve got 3D audio and spatial audio joining forces to create a symphony of sounds and visuals that dance around you. And let’s not forget projection mapping – it’s like the DJ of the visual arts world, syncing up with the beats to take the experience up a notch.

Now, let’s clear the air – 3D audio and spatial audio are like twins, similar but with their own quirks. But here’s where it gets interesting:

  • Loudspeaker Land: Picture a room filled with speakers, each one telling a different part of the story. You move, the sound moves. It’s like musical chairs, but way cooler.
  • VR Vibes: Strap on a VR headset, and you’re in for a treat. The sound follows your every move, making you the conductor of your own symphony. Talk about power!
  • AR Audio: This is where reality gets a remix. AR audio sprinkles extra sounds into your world, turning the mundane into the extraordinary. Who knew your morning walk could sound like a sci-fi movie?

Because immersive 3D sound is changing the game of human hearing, that’s why listen! It’s not just about human hearing; it’s about feeling. It’s about creating memories that stick with you, long after you’ve taken off the headphones.

Multi-sensory experience as Room Scale projection mapping

Object-based audio is a game-changer for immersive sound installations. It treats sounds as individual entities, allowing for precise spatial placement and dynamic interaction within a full 3D audio space. This technology is perfect for loudspeaker systems in art installations, where the audience can experience sound moving around them realistically and just cool fun.

The immersive journey with Quintessnz begins with a 3D sound installation, immersing visitors in ambient sounds and polyphonic voices conveying messages related to water, energy, and the cosmos. Furthermore, immersive ambient compositions pulsate rhythmically, matching the player’s heartbeat and breathing patterns.

The visual spectacle unfolds through projection mapping, projecting diverse water forms onto three walls of the installation space, creating a dynamic and vibrant atmosphere.

Virtual Reality Contemplation

VR sound is all about creating an immersive and interactive audio experience that complements the visual elements of virtual reality. By using binaural audio and head-tracking, VR sound ensures that the audio responds to the user’s movements, providing a seamless and personal experience that enhances the sense of presence within the virtual environment

The intentionally minimalistic VR experience invites contemplation through abstract wave movements lasting approximately 2:50 minutes. In addition, the VR sequence unfolds in a dark world, with abstract waves crystallizing and forming kaleidoscopic light patterns. The 3D sound composition, a fusion of ambient sounds, gentle beats, piano, and subtle water noises, creates an emotionally resonant journey.

Quintessenz - VR Water experience

Augmented Reality Extension of visuals

When you hear sound, it brings together real life and an extra layer of immersion to augmented reality experiences. By introducing spatially placed sounds that interact with the user’s environment, AR audio creates a more engaging and interactive experience. Whether it’s created for educational purposes, gaming, or entertainment, AR audio enhances the real-world environment with rich and contextual sound elements

Specifically, Augmented Reality extends this aspect of the experience by displaying holographic elements and scientific formulas related to fluid dynamics on a screen. Placing a mobile device before the screen activates a 3D animation, showcasing the dynamic emergence of cosmic-liquid forms and floating holographic elements. An alternative method to access the AR experience is through a printed card or poster with a designated “Giveaway.”

Conclusion: A Journey Unveiled

The importance of immersive audio in immersive art museum lies in its ability to create a deeply engaging and emotionally impactful experience. Immersive 3D audio in digital art museum is not just about hearing sounds; it’s about feeling enveloped by the soundscape, transforming spectators into active participants within the artwork. This multidimensional approach to sound design intensifies the connection and realism for the listener, bringing the stage closer and making them feel part of the entire experience

Quintessenz, in its entirety, is an ode to the perpetual journey of discovery – an ongoing quest fueled by curiosity, innovation, and the boundless possibilities that lie ahead. The buttons provided are not mere exits but entrances to a continuum of exploration and immersive experiences, inviting you to traverse the ever-expanding landscape of immersive experiences and cutting-edge technologies.

“If there ever was content that one must experience to understand, this is it.” – Thales of Milet

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