How to get started as a sound engineer and producer in immersive audio

As a leading 3D audio expert, I’ll help you see behind the marketing promises and learn the value of immersive media.

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The first advanced training course for sound engineers and producers

With VRTonung Learning the official expert of the Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training (BIBB) in the field of immersive media, Martin Rieger, is offering the first and only advanced training course specifically for sound engineers and producers.

His satisfied customers include career starters who want to establish a secure and predictable self-employment, as well as the German education system (10 vocational schools, 20 universities).

With the exclusive “3D Audio Matrix”, all essential components of immersive audio are taught and consolidated in individual modules.

The topics include:

  • Binaural Audio, Object-based Audio (NGA), Dolby Atmos vs. MPEG-H
  • Ambisonics, 360 videos, head-tracking
  • game engines, VR/AR/Metaverse/Spatial Computing
  • Specific advice on the respective module.
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3d audio expert martin rieger giving a speech about immersive sound

About Martin Rieger

My name is Martin Rieger, I’ve been a recording studio owner for over 10 years and work full time as a 3D audio expert.

It started over half a decade ago and the first time I wore VR glasses. I thought I could see the future – but I couldn’t hear it yet. Shouldn’t the sound also be three-dimensional if the image is?

I was so fascinated by the new possibilities that I canceled all classic audio productions and haven’t done anything that would have worked in stereo since then. Nevertheless, almost everyone only talks about Dolby Atmos and completely overlooks the fact that there are immersive media that have much more potential and also pay better.

I have now structured this concentrated knowledge, packed it into my 3D audio matrix and refined it into a video course that is already being used in state schools.

How do you get started as a recording studio operator today?

My unique 3D audio matrix in degrees of freedom (DoF: Degrees of Freedom)

Step 1: 0 DoF

We look at the history and future of classic media such as music, film and podcasts.

This allows you to evaluate which topics you can adapt directly with a low barrier to entry.

Step 2: 3 DoF

We will work together on three crucial degrees of freedom: 360 videos, headtracking and ambisonics.

These areas are crucial to understanding and mastering the full potential of immersive audio.

Step 3: 6 DoF

We place a special emphasis on the integration of game audio aspects, king-discipling of immersive audio.

Through our guidance you will develop a basic understanding and take your mixing skills into the third dimension.

Case studies from our customers

Here are a few examples of what customers have told us about working with us:

Our challenge was that we needed more knowledge about 3D sound, especially for music.

Martin Rieger's 1-on-1 coaching showed all the possibilities that immersive sound offers, how it is used today and how it can evolve.

As immersive sound is quite new on the Norwegian market, it was great to get an international perspective on the format.

Øra Studio
Recording studio for mixing and mastering

Under the motto 'Technology meets creativity', Martin Rieger inspired the workshop participants with a presentation on brand new
developments in the field of spatial audio.

Using practical examples, he demonstrated the immense potential of immersive sound technologies.

Professional, practice-oriented and entertaining.

International Academy of Media and Arts Halle
Game Sound Post Workshop

This is what various participants from all over Germany had to say:

„Die Hörbeispiele und Live-Sessions fand ich super anschaulich und von Dir klasse kommentiert!
„War sehr gut so. Vielen Dank dafür!““
„Martin, es war mir ein Fest und dieser Kurs war super interessant.“

Funded by the “Future Skills” grant from “Start Into Media”

Based on the new IHK job profile “Designer for immersive media”


How can you learn with VRTonung?

We receive many inquiries about working together on a daily basis. So many, in fact, that we had to set up an application process. Here’s how you can get in touch with us and become our customer:

Step 1: Application

You fill out your personal application.

Step 2: Interview

You will be called to make an appointment.

Step 3: Exclusive meeting

You have a free consultation with one of our strategy consultants.

Starter Module: Immersive Music Production

Next to the coaching, there is a video course on 3D music production. Leading experts were there to show you how to be successfully mix with Dolby Atmos and more. Next to Martin Rieger, Eric Horstmann (over 600 Dolby Atmos tracks mixed) and Tom Ammermann (Grammy-nominated sound engineer) are also involved.

Martin Rieger ist known from

FAZ Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung Martin Rieger
Adobe Live Behance Martin Rieger Martin Rieger
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