VISU Summit – Bringing products & solutions to life virtually

21.07.2021 - 22.07.2021
Online Event: Alfaview

About the VISU Summit

At the VISU Summit, mixed reality providers, marketing agencies, visualization professionals and digital experts will meet marketing decision-makers and sales managers from companies in all industries. Participants will be inspired on how to use visualization techniques and immersive applications for virtual product staging and with which technologies they can present their products in a visualized and inspiring way in the online space.

Using successful cases, you will experience how digital visualizations can be integrated into campaigns and online marketing channels. The VISU creates knowledge transfer and makes companies fit for visual communication in the digital space – for customer care, new customer acquisition and lead generation. Focus topics: Virtual showrooms, 3D animations, 360 degree video productions, virtual and augmented reality, virtual presentations at digital events and trade shows, tools and techniques for product visualization.

Martin Rieger is of course there with 3D audio

There’s a breath of fresh air on the ears: Spatial 3D Audio is getting a huge buzz from Apple’s new releases, the Sony Playstation and about 8D audio videos on YouTube.
However, this is not just hype, but heralds the next evolutionary stage of listening. We humans are used to experiencing our environment in three dimensions from our natural surroundings. Commercially available headphones now make it possible to experience 3D audio technology from home.
But how can immersive audio be used for marketing purposes? What there is to know, how it all sounds and what exciting applications there are and will be. Get your headphones ready and learn more!

Be there and find out more


I can send a code to a free ticket upon request.

After report

I was very happy to be part of a highly professional virtual event. Besides a technical check, which was always manned, alfaview worked stably. So more than 50 people could attend my talk and learn what 3D audio can do.

I’m a fan of getting everyone in the same boat first. A short round about our natural listening habits and what there are for technical innovations so first. Then it was straight into practice. What are the best-practice applications?

Here I could briefly present a colorful mixture from my portfolio. From radio plays head-tracking, online marketing campaigns and 8D audio was also debunked. Finally, a short outlook on how the future sounds and already the 20 minutes are on.

Afterwards, there was a well-organized Meet-The-Speaker. In addition, the after-show party took place in the afternoon.

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