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Munich VR 360 Video Meetup

Mantro Office München

…goes Spatial Audio

Well, at least partially. Since the MeetUp is a bit camera-heavy for my taste, I took the opportunity to bring 360° sound a bit closer to the VR scene. Like the other day at my workshop at the HFF, I wanted to break down the whole impression to the essentials – but here with much less sound technology (so the “Head Related Transfer Function” was only briefly touched upon 😉

Since there are always some 360° cameras on location, I thought I’d bring along some equipment as well. Among other things, there was my Ambisonics microphone to examine, which you can see very small on the picture above.

i4c – Spring into VR 360°

By the way, the i4c took place at the Hochschule für Film und Fernsehen on the same day. The two events did not overlap, so you could go to the HFF during the day and to the Meetup in the evening.
By the way, at the last i4c Crossing Borders was shown on the Oculus Rift as an app, which is the documentary in the meantime. Means besides the episodes there is also more interactive content, like sound collages and mini-games. Or videos that didn’t make it into the episode, but are too bad not to show.


About the event

On 6.4. the VR 360° Video Meetup will take place for the 7th time.

After the i4c event at the HFF we will continue at 19h with the Meetup topic 360° Video at the office of Mantro.

We will present three new 360° camera setups. We are happy to be among the first to already own one of these cameras and at the 360° Meetup you can see them in action.

  • We have the Zcam iZugar Z4XL. 4 Z Cams 4k in sync.
  • Our 8 camera rig based on the YI 4k Cams. Output is 9k. Our new ZCam S1 all-in-one 360° camera with 6k output.

Our guests this time are:

Want to be part of it?

You can participate easily under the following link:


Just make an account, join the group and wait for the next appointment. There is always a lot of news, interesting talks, VR enthusiasts, funny stories. But of course I only come for the food and drinks 😀
Shoutout to Clarence Dadson for organizing this!

Well then – see you next time.

The other day at the Meetup

By the way, at the February 2 meetup, our Vietnam motorcycle travel VR documentary (Crossing Borders) was shown. The audience was able to immerse themselves in the middle of the Cambodian pampas with the episode about an orphanage. This was made possible by Design4Real’s streaming app, which allows a video to play on over 20 Samsung GearVRs simultaneously. It looked something like this:

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