Hearon Afterhours

HearOn After Hours: Martin Rieger

Live Stream: Twitch

About Hearon After Hours

Martin Rieger wants audio games to really transport you to new worlds. He is working on the audio equivalent of virtual reality: 3D Spatial Audio. This special way of recording and mixing sound enables completely new experiences for listeners.

You can find out how 3D Spatial Audio puts you right in the middle of the action with live examples on February 25 in a conversation with Albert Bozesan and Robert Sladeczek – in the second edition of #HearOnAfterHours! At 19:00 on twitch.tv/hearonaudio

What am I doing here?

Well, I’m happy to be a guest and talk about my favorite topic – 3D audio. Here is the review

flap the second!

Because everyone enjoyed it so much, there will be a reunion soon. Of course, I want to show new exciting demos, so you can be curious.

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