Art & Tech Talk #6 mit Martin Rieger: Beethoven trifft 3D-Audio

Art & Tech Talk #6 mit Martin Rieger: Beethoven trifft 3D-Audio

Online Event: Zoom

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What does VRTonung do?

Commercially available headphones lend themselves more than ever to experiencing this new audio technology from the comfort of your own home. But how can immersive listening be used for marketing purposes in an online campaign combined with video? The result is “Sounds of Germany” in 3D audio – in cooperation with the German National Tourist Board and Sennheiser.

Martin Rieger (VRTonung) is always looking for new ways to make 3D audio more tangible and tell new stories. Therefore, he traveled around the world for several XR productions and takes care of the post-production in his Moosach recording studio. After a few years in the VR world, he realized how important it is to look at projects holistically so that audio can reach its full potential and thus sees himself as a creative-technical interface.


I had a lot of fun using this format for 3D audio experimentally. So the audience could experience the difference between stereo and 3D live via Zoom. Thanks to my binaural dummy head microphone this is very easy.

In addition, very interesting suggestions came my way. Since spatial audio is often new territory for many listeners, I often start from scratch. This way I can learn even better how to explain the subject in a simple and clear way. In the long run, this will allow me to follow my vision of making immersive audio more tangible.

Thanks for tuning in and continued success to Wavelab. Art and Tech is for me the sweet spot where innovative projects can be created!

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