3D AUDIO – surround sound in the virtual world – DIGITAL BREAKFAST

Online Event

Have you heard of 3D audio? Probably at the latest since Apple has been pushing the topic on a grand scale and now installs the technology in all Airpods. But how does this music of the future sound and what new business areas are opening up? Put on your headphones and experience it for yourself!

  • Why Bose ran the 3D audio train into the wall and Apple is now doing it right?
  • What’s behind Dolby Atmos and consumer applications for movies and music?
  • How can 3D audio add value over traditional entertainment media?
  • What can we learn from VR and the Metaverse right now?
  • How does the future sound with soundbars, voice assistance and co?
  • What new business models are emerging for digital audio?

So, are you curious? Then be there and secure your place now.

An exciting keynote awaits you – and hopefully you have a coffee or tea at hand!

Many greetings Martin Rieger and Thomas Barsch

Spatial Audio Podcast

Here is a small foretaste of the podcast with a demo audio sample:

Live Event with 3D Audio

Here is the recording of the Zoom Live session. I was very happy to see so many new and familiar faces!

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