About Me

I will deliver the ideal sound for your virtual reality video
and can certainly deal with other media formats

The idea of VRTONUNG

Working in VR for a couple of years now, I experienced how important it is to think beyond my own field of sound and to view productions holistically. There are still so many unanswered questions that I have set myself the goal of giving the deserved attention to the subject of 3D audio and VR sound.

That’s why I do workshops, started speaking at events and am happy to accompany university theses, seminars or research work as a mentor. We’re just getting started, so additionally to my work as a sound engineer, I want to help to discover new realities.

It is not my intention, to do the whole sound of a feature film completely on my own, but I experienced, how useful it is, to have someone on board, who knows the entire project from set to post and can also take care of the full process – this is what saves time and the workflow easier.
This is what I call "360° Sound Production".

Of course, I can also take over individual steps and support you with words and deeds, whether real or virtual reality.

Lastly, here is an excerpt of my filmography:

Martin Rieger


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