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HD+ meets Bundesliga VR Sport

If a project, in this case HD+ EMMA is so successful that there is a second edition, this simply speaks for itself and makes it possible to experience VR Sport such as the Bundesliga, Tennis and, MotoGP.

But this time it was taken to the next level again, more CGI, even a day of shooting just in front of a green screen with great places you won’t forget like the dressing room of a soccer team after the game including a nude scene, a mountain top, a soccer stadium that is brightly lit by flicking, and thousands of balls falling from the sky. It’s hard to imagine, you have to have seen it and that’s just possible with VR. Combined with clever, immersive storytelling, the personalized EMMA takes you through the action and shows what HD+ and the packages are all about in an emotional way. While EMMA is working hard, the user can lean back and follow the action without having to do VR sports on his own.

A special challenge for the sound was the shooting day with greenscreen, because the usual immersive microphone arrays, as I like to use them, were no real help because they capture the spatial sound of the studio but not the desired stadium or mountain. But what else are the boom and lapel microphones for?

The day in the catacombs of a stadium was no less stressful. VR Sport quite literally: while I was wiring the protagonists, installing my special microphone on the dolly, the live image with the sound was streamed via Comtek and loudspeakers directly onto VR glasses. 360° video meets 360° sound, in real time like a live stream.

It was filmed with a high-end 360° camera rig consisting of 4 Sony Alpha 7s and own lenses and for the studio shooting a Red Cinema camera was the best decision. The latter is usually my favorite because it has the usual functions of the sound engineer, such as time code.

But enough of me, above a look behind the scenes with the whole crew.

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