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Spatial Audio Trailer – 4 BLOCKS – Amazon Prime 360

How ‘4 Blocks’ conquers the YouTube world with a 360° trailer:

The new series “4 Blocks” is airing on TNT and has been given a very special experience for its promo – a 360° video packaged as a unique 360° trailer. But what’s behind the audio backdrop that makes this immersive experience possible?

An exclusive insight into the innovative audio production behind the scenes

For this clip, I took over the mixing to turn an already finished version for Facebook into a working version for YouTube. The background to this is that YouTube does not support an additional stereo track compared to Facebook and uses 4 instead of 8 channels for the 360° sound – but I have the right workaround for this.

The challenge: building a bridge between Facebook and YouTube

For this clip, I took over the mixing to turn an already finished version for Facebook into a working version for YouTube. The challenge? In contrast to Facebook, YouTube did not support an additional stereo track at the time and used 4 instead of 8 channels for the 360° sound. A problem that required a creative solution.

My personal workaround: head-locked stereo track

I found the solution in a workaround that focussed on a head-locked stereo track, which is mandatory on Facebook. Similar to the Apple Vision Pro approach, I combined audio objects with an Ambience bed, such as Ambisonics, and added a non-diegetic head-locked stereo track for background music or voice-overs.

This method made it possible to retain the original immersive character of the audio experience while adapting it to the technical limitations of YouTube. Technologies like Dolby Atmos and THX Audio are not suitable for this. I work with my own workaround in converting head-locked stereo to head-tracked audio

More info on the Realitykit Pro

The importance of immersive 3D audio

The importance of surround sound to the 360° video experience cannot be overstated. It allows us to immerse ourselves in the scene by providing a spatial feeling that enhances the visual impression. By customising the audio for YouTube, we were able to ensure that viewers could immerse themselves in the world of “4 Blocks” regardless of the platform.

Conclusion: A bridge between technology and creativity

Working on the 360° trailer for “4 Blocks” was not only a technical challenge, but also a creative one. It was an opportunity to push the boundaries of what is possible in audio production for visual media while ensuring that the audience, regardless of platform, has the best possible experience.

Innovative techniques in audio production: beyond Dolby Atmos and THX

While Dolby Atmos and THX are well-known in audio production for cinematic experiences, specialised projects such as the “4 Blocks” trailer require customised approaches. My work illustrates how bespoke audio customisation is critical to overcoming platform limitations while ensuring a deeply immersive experience.

The role of 3D audio in today’s media landscape

3D audio, a key component of immersive experiences, is playing an increasingly important role in media production. It’s not just about improving sound quality, but more about giving listeners a sense of presence and immersion. This aspect is particularly relevant for storytelling in films and series, as it intensifies the emotional impact and connection with the audience.

The need for expertise in immersive audio production

The “4 Blocks” trailer is an example of how essential expert knowledge is in immersive audio production. Many production companies face challenges that cannot be overcome without specialised knowledge and experience. My approach shows how important it is to work with professionals who not only understand the technical hurdles, but can also develop creative solutions to create the best possible audio experience.

A call for collaboration: Why the right partner matters

I encourage production companies and creatives to partner with experts in immersive audio from the very beginning of their projects. Considering audiovisual strategy early on can not only save time and resources, but also elevate the final product to a new level. Let’s push boundaries together and create unforgettable experiences.

Discover the “4 Blocks” trailer: A masterpiece of immersive audio

I invite you to experience the “4 Blocks” trailer for yourself. Immerse yourself in the world of “4 Blocks” and feel the power of immersive 3D audio, specially adapted for YouTube and Facebook. Your impressions and feedback are welcome as they inspire us to continue to innovate in audio production.

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Final thoughts: The future of immersive audio

Audio production for visual media is on the cusp of a new era where immersive technologies such as 3D audio are redefining not only audience expectations, but also the way stories are told and experienced. As an expert in the field of immersive audio, I look forward to working with you to push the boundaries of what is possible and create extraordinary audiovisual works together.

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