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Live Sound goes 3D Audio: Loudspeaker System overview


    The 3D audio loudspeaker system creates a spatial and immersive sound experience for listeners through a type of audio technology. The 3D audio system replicates how live sound is naturally heard in the environment, creating a more lifelike and engaging audio experience, as opposed to traditional stereo or surround sound systems that can only deliver sound from limited loudspeaker placements.

    Multiple loudspeakers are positioned around the listener in a 3D audio system to reproduce sound. Using advanced signal processing techniques and algorithms, the gera creates a realistic audio environment that makes the listener feel as if they are in the sound environment by accurately positioning each sound in space. In order to achieve this, sound reflection, delay, and attenuation are taken into account, and the volume, direction, and timing of each sound are adjusted accordingly.

    Live sound applications that require a realistic and immersive sound experience, such as concerts, theatre performances, and other events, commonly operate with 3D render systems. In addition to enhancing a believable and engaging audio experience, they are increasingly being used in virtual and augmented reality applications.

    In general, 3D audio loudspeakers provide a unique and captivating audio experience that differs from stereo or surround sound systems in many ways. By accurately reproducing the way sound is heard in the real world, they create a more immersive and realistic audio experience for listeners.

    Benefits of 3D Audio loudspeaker systems in live sound

    Using 3D audio loudspeakers in live sound can have many benefits for both performers and audiences. One of these benefits is creating a more immersive and engaging sound experience. With the use of advanced algorithms and signal processing techniques, 3D audio systems can accurately position each sound in space by placing speakers around the performance space and using advanced algorithms. This creates an immersive 3D sound environment that makes the listener feel as if they are part of the performance. As a result, the performance can have a greater impact and become more memorable for the audience.

    Another benefit of 3D audio systems is that they can improve the clarity and intelligibility of the different sound layers such as instruments of voices. Using 3D audio systems, every word and note can be clearly heard by reducing the effects of background noise and reverberation and accurately positioning sounds in space.

    Moreover, 3D audio systems can provide a more natural and lifelike sound experience. With true 3D audio, the sound is accurately reproduced in the environment based on sound reflection, delay, and attenuation, creating a more believable and realistic sound experience by taking these factors into account.

    Both performers and audiences can benefit from the use of 3D audio loudspeakers in live sound, which enhances the overall impact and quality of the performance.

    Overview of 3d loudspeaker sound reinforcement gear

    Here are some of the companies that offer pro grade equipment for 3D live sound reinforcement with the live sound equipment they offer.

    • L-Acoustics: L-ISA Immersive Hyperreal Sound System
    • d&b audiotechnik: d&b Soundscape
    • Meyer Sound: Spacemap Go
    • Barco Audio Technologies: IOSONO CORE
    • Astro Spatial Audio: Astro Spatial Audio Processor (ASA)
    • Coda Audio: Coda AiRAY
    • Avid: Avid VENUE | S6L Live Sound System
    • Alcons Audio: Alcons Sentinel10 amplified loudspeaker
    • Yamaha Commercial Audio: Yamaha Rivage PM10 Digital Mixing System with LFE Processor
    • DiGiCo: DiGiCo Quantum7 and Orange Box with Mustard Processing.

    But before jumping into the world of immersive, spatial audio, let’s start with having a look at the current standard. Here is a nice video that describes it:

    Pro Audio Live Sound equipment

    Providing high-quality sound reinforcement in live performances and events requires specialized audio equipment known as pro audio equipment for live sound. The importance of pro audio equipment for live sound cannot be overstated. From concerts to corporate events, theatrical productions to houses of worship, it is essential for performers to be heard clearly and audiences to be fully engaged.

    In order to use pro audio equipment effectively for live sound, one must have a deep understanding of acoustics, signal flow, and technical audio engineering. In order to ensure that each component of the audio system is optimized for the specific venue and performance, sound engineers work closely with performers to design and set up the sound system.

    Professional audio equipment is an essential component of any successful live performance, providing the tools and technology required to deliver high-quality audio that enhances the overall impact of the performance and creates a memorable experience for the audience.

    Definition of Pro Audio Equipment

    Can’t everybody just call themselves pro nowadays? Well no, the term “Pro Audio Equipment” describes high-quality and professional-grade audio equipment designed for live sound reinforcement, studio recording, and broadcasting applications. Audio professionals require exceptional audio quality, reliability, and versatility from this equipment, so it is specifically designed to meet their needs.

    Among the many products in the Pro Audio category are mixing consoles, amplifiers, microphones, loudspeakers, signal processors, cables, and even microphone stands. These products are engineered to perform at a high level and are built to withstand the rigors of daily use.

    Sound engineers, audio technicians, musicians, broadcasters, and recording engineers use Pro Audio Equipment. Whether it is producing a studio-quality recording or performing flawlessly live, these professionals rely on high-quality pro audio equipment to accomplish their artistic and technical goals.

    Types of Pro Audio Equipment for Live Sound

    1. Microphones:

    Microphones capture and convert sound waves into electrical signals. They are a crucial component of live sound equipment and essential for delivering high-quality sound in a variety of settings. Microphones come in various types and styles, each designed for specific applications such as vocals, instruments, and ambient sound. Mic quality can greatly impact the audio quality of a performance or recording. This makes it a vital consideration in selecting sound equipment.

    2. Mixers:

    Mixers are audio devices used to combine and adjust multiple audio signals. They are a key component of live sound equipment and create a balanced and cohesive sound mix. Mixers allow precise control over each audio input, ensuring optimal sound quality. They also allow effects and processing to further enhance sound quality.

    3. Amplifiers:

    Amplifiers are electronic devices used to increase audio signals’ power and amplitude. They are an essential component of live sound equipment, as they drive loudspeakers and deliver high-quality sound to the audience. The quality of an amplifier can greatly impact the sound quality of the performance, making it a vital consideration when selecting sound equipment.

    4. Signal processors:

    Signal processors are audio devices used to modify and enhance audio signals. They remove unwanted noise, improve clarity and intelligibility, and add creative effects to the sound. Signal processors are a crucial component of live sound equipment, as they help to ensure that the sound quality of the performance is optimized and enhanced.

    5. Cables and connectors:

    Cables and connectors are used to connect and transfer audio signals between different pieces of live sound equipment. They are a significant consideration when selecting sound equipment, as the quality of cables and connectors can impact the overall sound quality of the performance. High-quality cables and connectors ensure audio signals are transmitted accurately and with minimal interference, resulting in clear and high-quality sound.

    Live Sound Loudspeaker Systems

    Loudspeakers are a crucial part of any live sound setup and are designed to deliver powerful and clear audio to the audience. To create a cohesive and balanced sound, multiple loudspeakers are strategically positioned around the performance area. To ensure that the sound quality is optimized for the specific venue and performance, loudspeakers work with amplifiers, signal processors, and mixing consoles.

    There are a variety of sizes and configurations of live sound loudspeaker systems, ranging from small portable systems for small venues to large and complex systems for stadiums and arenas. Aside from delivering high-fidelity sound with clarity and precision, these speakers are designed to withstand the demands of live performances. An effective Live Sound Loudspeaker System creates a powerful and immersive sound experience for the audience, ensuring that a memorable live performance is delivered.

    Types of Live Sound Loudspeaker Systems

    Line Array Systems:

    Line Array Systems is a type and style of loudspeaker system commonly used at large live sound events such as concerts, festivals, and sporting events. They consist of multiple loudspeakers arranged in a vertical line, which work together to create focused and directed sound. The speakers are designed to produce consistent sound over long distances, ensuring that the entire audience can hear the performance with clarity and precision.

    Point Source Systems:

    Point Source Systems are a more traditional type of loudspeaker system used in smaller live sound events such as acoustic concerts, conferences, and presentations. They consist of a single loudspeaker, or a cluster of speakers, placed centrally on the stage. These speakers deliver sound in all directions. Point source systems are often more compact and portable than line array systems, making them ideal for smaller venues where space is limited.


    Subwoofers are a type of loudspeaker system designed to produce low-frequency sounds, such as bass and drums. They are often used in conjunction with line array or point source systems to enhance sound quality. Subwoofers can be large and powerful and are typically positioned at the front or back of the stage, or on the ground, to deliver a deep and immersive bass sound.

    Overview of live sound loudspeaker equipment with 3d audio

    L-Acoustics: L-ISA Immersive Hyperreal Sound System

    In the pro audio industry, L-Acoustics is a renowned brand that produces high-quality sound systems for live events and installations. With its unparalleled sound quality and immersive experience, the L-ISA Immersive Hyperreal Sound System has quickly gained popularity.

    L-ISA is unique in that it is specifically designed to create a 3-dimensional audio experience. Using advanced software algorithms and a specialized loudspeaker configuration, sound can be placed and moved around the audience, creating a fully immersive sound environment. Multiple speakers are placed around the venue, including above and behind the audience, to achieve this goal.

    The sound produced by this technology is truly remarkable, as it creates a sense of depth and dimension to the sound that is not possible with traditional speaker systems. In addition, it provides a more natural listening experience, making music sound like it happens all around you.

    As a result of its unparalleled and memorable experience, the L-ISA system is becoming increasingly popular in music venues and festivals around the world. In the world of live sound loudspeaker equipment, its ability to produce exceptional sound quality, coupled with its immersive capabilities, makes it a standout product.

    d&b audiotechnik: d&b Soundscape

    The company d&b audiotechnik has recently introduced d&b Soundscape, a technology that provides immersive, 3D sound experiences at live events. This technology combines hardware and software.

    The d&b Soundscape system consists of a combination of loudspeakers, processing units, and a software interface that enables sound engineers to position sound sources in a 3D space. By doing so, the music and instruments are heard as if they are coming from their specific location on the stage or site, creating a more natural and realistic sound experience.

    Sound engineers can use d&b Soundscape along with their preferred equipment by integrating it with existing sound systems and mixers. In addition to multichannel panning and dynamic equalization, the software interface also provides sound engineers with more control over the overall mix and sound quality.

    Music venues, theaters, and other live event spaces, where sound quality is paramount, use d&b Soundscape. Event organizers and sound engineers worldwide have chosen it because of its exceptional sound quality and immersive experience. In the world of live sound loudspeaker equipment, the d&b Soundscape stands out due to its multichannel capabilities and media playback capabilities.

    Meyer Sound: Spacemap Go

    One of Meyer Sound’s latest innovations, Spacemap Go, is a powerful and flexible spatial sound design and live mixing tool. Using Spacemap Go, sound engineers can position and move loudspeakers in real-time to create immersive soundscapes. The result is an interactive, unique soundscape created for music, theatre, and other live events by sound designers and engineers.

    Meyer Sound’s high-quality loudspeakers, renowned for their exceptional sound quality and precision, are designed to be used with this system. Up to 64 channels of audio can be used with Spacemap Go, making it ideal for complex music productions.

    Using an iPad or other mobile device, sound engineers can quickly and easily create spatial sound designs with Spacemap Go’s intuitive user interface. Furthermore, the system is seamlessly compatible with existing sound systems and mixers, making it an ideal addition to any live event.

    Designed to create immersive soundscapes and unique sonic experiences for audiences in music venues, theatres, and other live event spaces, Meyer Sound’s Spacemap Go is a powerful and innovative tool.

    Barco Audio Technologies: IOSONO CORE

    Barco Audio Technologies is a well-known name in the professional audio equipment industry, and its IOSONO CORE system is an innovative and innovative solution for immersive sound experiences. For live events, music venues, theatres, and other applications, IOSONO CORE is an immersive spatial audio processor that enables sound designers and engineers to create immersive soundscapes. It is capable of handling up to 512 audio channels, making it perfect for productions with a wide variety of audio sources.

    As a result of IOSONO CORE’s advanced algorithms and processing capabilities, sound designers are able to create highly accurate and realistic spatial audio effects. In addition to supporting Ambisonics, Dolby Atmos, and DTS:X, the system is a versatile addition to any live sound setup. With Barco’s own professional speakers, in addition to IOSONO CORE, the system is designed to work with a wide range of high-quality loudspeakers.

    For sound designers and engineers who wish to create immersive and realistic soundscapes for music venues, theatres, and other live events, Barco Audio Technologies’ IOSONO CORE is an innovative and powerful tool. With its advanced processing capabilities and support for a wide range of audio formats, it’s an excellent addition to any live sound system.

    Astro Spatial Audio: Astro Spatial Audio Processor (ASA)

    The Astro Spatial Audio Processor (ASA) creates a highly realistic and precise sound field by using advanced algorithms and signal processing techniques. The system provides an immersive and high-quality 3D audio experience. Any music venue or event site can be customized to fit it.

    With its ability to handle multiple channels and sources, the ASA makes a great choice for complex productions involving multiple instruments and media inputs. In addition to supporting Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, and Auro-3D audio formats, it is capable of processing up to 64 individual audio channels.

    Aside from its technical capabilities, the ASA is also easy to use and versatile. With its intuitive user interface, sound engineers are able to configure and adjust the system with ease. As a result of its compact size and portability, it is ideal for a wide variety of live music events.

    As a live sound loudspeaker system providing immersive 3D audio experiences for any music venue or event, the Astro Spatial Audio Processor (ASA) is a highly advanced and versatile piece of equipment.

    Coda Audio: Coda AiRAY

    AiRAY is a live sound loudspeaker system by Coda Audio that delivers exceptional sound quality and versatility for any music venue or production site. A unique hybrid design combines the power and precision of a large-format line array with the portability and flexibility of a compact speaker system to create a powerful and versatile system.

    The Coda AiRAY delivers a highly accurate and detailed sound with minimal distortion and coloration thanks to its advanced driver technology and unique cabinet design. Its modular design makes it easy to customize the system to meet the needs of any live music production or event, thanks to its integrated subwoofers and powerful low-frequency response.

    Coda AiRAY is not only technically advanced but also user-friendly and reliable. In addition to its easy-to-install flyware system and easy-to-use rigging, the advanced digital signal processing ensures consistent and precise sound quality in any environment with its integrated flyware system and easy-to-use rigging.

    In general, the Coda AiRAY is an exceptionally advanced and versatile live sound loudspeaker that provides exceptional sound quality and reliability for any venue or site prod. The Electro Voice X-Line Advance X2 is a great choice for anyone seeking a powerful and flexible alternative to traditional line arrays.

    Avid: Avid VENUE | S6L Live Sound System

    The Avid VENUE | S6L Live Sound System is a highly advanced and versatile live sound loudspeaker equipment that is designed to provide exceptional sound quality and flexibility for any music venue or production. Audio professionals love this system because of its advanced features and capabilities.

    Its digital mixer, which allows users to control and adjust every aspect of the sound mix with incredible precision and detail, is one of Avid VENUE | S6L Live Sound System’s key features. A customizable control surface and advanced audio routing and processing are among the features of the mixer, which is designed for ease of use and provides a range of advanced tools and features.

    In addition to its advanced media integration capabilities, the Avid VENUE | S6L Live Sound System has many other important features. Designed to work seamlessly with a variety of digital media formats and to provide advanced media playback and recording capabilities, the system makes a great choice for live music events and productions.

    This Avid VENUE | S6L Live Sound System provides exceptional sound quality and flexibility for any music venue or production. It is a highly advanced and versatile live sound loudspeaker system. Along with being powerful and reliable live sound gear, it boasts a modern design that combines advanced digital processing with intuitive functionality.

    Alcons Audio: Alcons Sentinel10 amplified loudspeaker

    Live sound speakers such as the Alcons Sentinel10 amplified loudspeaker are ideal for large music venues, outdoor concerts, and other live events because they are powerful and versatile. Music lovers and professionals alike enjoy the exceptional sound quality and high fidelity audio reproduction of this loudspeaker. With its original and innovative design, the Alcons Sentinel10 is able to reproduce music smoothly and accurately across a wide range of musical instruments and audio frequencies.

    Additionally, the Alcons Sentinel10 features a user-friendly interface and intuitive controls, as well as multiple channels and inputs to allow you to connect a wide range of audio sources. A top-of-the-line live sound loudspeaker, the Sentinel10 offers exceptional sound quality, versatility, and reliability. With its high-quality audio reproduction and powerful performance, this speaker is sure to impress, whether you’re a sound engineer or music enthusiast.

    Yamaha Commercial Audio: Yamaha Rivage PM10 Digital Mixing System with LFE Processor

    Bands and musicians who want top-notch sound quality will find the Yamaha Rivage PM10 Digital Mixing System with LFE Processor to be a powerful and versatile live instrument and sound equipment. Having advanced features that deliver a natural sound, this mixer is the preferred choice of many professional musicians.

    A user-friendly interface makes it easy for users to adjust and control the sound with the Yamaha Rivage PM10 Digital Mixing System with LFE Processor. The mixer also comes with an intuitive touch screen display that allows quick access to different settings and parameters. It can connect to a variety of instruments, making it ideal for bands and performers who use multiple types.

    Furthermore, the LFE Processor is an innovative feature that enhances low-frequency effects, giving the audience a more immersive experience. Listeners appreciate this feature as it gives their music more depth and power.

    With its exceptional sound quality and versatility, Yamaha Rivage PM10 Digital Mixing System with LFE Processor is one of the most versatile live sound equipment on the market. Bands and musicians who want to play their instruments at their peak will find it ideal with its advanced features and user-friendly interface.

    DiGiCo: DiGiCo Quantum7 and Orange Box with Mustard Processing

    With its high-quality audio and flexibility, the DiGiCo Quantum7 and Orange Box with Mustard Processing is a popular choice for professional sound engineers.

    A key feature of the Quantum7 and Orange Box with Mustard Processing is the system’s power. With up to 450 processing channels and 256 input channels, it can handle even the most complex live sound productions. In addition to dynamic equalization, multi-band compression, and transient enhancement, Mustard Processing software offers advanced processing options.

    The advanced protection features of the DiGiCo Quantum7 and Orange Box with Mustard Processing are another key advantage. To prevent damage to the speakers and other components, this system is equipped with a number of safety features, such as automatic gain reduction and temperature monitoring. Overall, this system is a top-of-the-line choice for professional live sound applications, offering exceptional performance, flexibility, and protection.

    Special cases of 3d live sound

    An example of 3D live sound is beamforming, which involves manipulating and projecting the sound in a specific direction or area. A specialized speaker is used to aim the sound in a specific direction, creating a highly focused beam. For applications such as concerts, events, and conferences, beamforming is ideal because it allows precise control over where sound is directed.

    Beamforming reduces sound spillage and reverberation, which makes the sound more clear for the audience. In addition, bands and performers can control sound more precisely, ensuring consistency across the venue. In addition, beamforming can reduce the need for multiple microphones, since it allows for more precise sound capture and eliminates unwanted feedback and interference.

    When it comes to large-scale live sound events, beamforming is a highly specialized technique that can be extremely effective for those who want the finest possible sound quality and performance. Below are some of the companies and their gear that have done great work in the area.

    Holoplot X1

    Designed to deliver high-quality, beamforming sound for various applications, the Holoplot X1 speaker array is highly innovative and advanced. By creating highly directional sound and targeting it toward specific areas, this advanced loudspeaker system eliminates the need for multiple speaker setups. With Holoplot X1, sound can be shaped and directed in ways conventional loudspeakers are not able to.

    An immersive and directional sound field is created by the combination of a unique array of small, highly efficient speaker elements in the Holoplot X1 speaker array. A key advantage of the Holoplot X1 is its ease of setup and operation. It uses wave field synthesis along with beamforming technology to create a sound that can be precisely directed and focused. Easily set up and calibrated, it comes with a user-friendly interface that makes configuration and control easy.

    Holoplot X1 are neither compact nor lightweight. However, Holoplot is actively developing a new product, Holoplot X2, which is exactly that. X1 modules do not have integrated LED panels; instead, they utilize advanced compensation algorithms to address artifacts introduced by LED panels. LED panels may be installed in front of speakers separately. For concerts, theatre productions, or any other event that requires high-quality, directional sound, the Holoplot X1 speaker and light array offer exceptional sound quality and an immersive audio experience.

    d&b audiotechnik: En-Scene

    As a leading provider of professional audio equipment, D&B Audiotechnik specializes in live sound, installations, and events. The En-Scene software tool from D&B Audiotechnik provides sound designers and engineers with an intuitive, user-friendly interface for designing and controlling immersive sound experiences.

    En-Scene allows users to create and edit sound objects, specify their position, and control their movements in real-time. In addition, it supports binaural audio and ambisonic audio formats. The software is compatible with various D&B Audiotechnik systems, including the D&B Soundscape and the D&B En-Scene object-based mixing software. Using it, you can create immersive sound experiences for a variety of applications, including live concerts, theatre productions, and exhibitions.

    A sound designer or engineer needs En-Scene in order to create compelling, immersive soundscapes that enhance the audience’s overall experience. Users can focus on their creative vision and achieve outstanding results with its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features, making it a great platform for account setup and play.

    Systems that are independent of loudspeaker manufacturers

    Sound reinforcement systems independent of loudspeaker manufacturers are those that are not tied to specific loudspeaker brands. It allows users to choose from a wide range of loudspeaker brands and models when it comes to selecting the right components for their sound reinforcement needs, as these systems are designed to work with a wide range of loudspeaker brands and models.

    Digital signal processing (DSP) units, amplifiers, and other signal distribution components are common components of independent systems that are compatible with a variety of loudspeakers. By using an independent system, users are not limited to a particular brand or model, but can select the best loudspeakers for their specific application. They may also incorporate software for speaker management and configuration.

    Following are some of the systems that are independent of loudspeaker manufacturers.

    • Astro Spatial Audio – Astro Spatial Audio Processor (ASA)
    • L-Acoustics – L-ISA Immersive Hyperreal Sound System
    • Barco Audio Technologies – IOSONO CORE
    • Meyer Sound – Spacemap Go
    • DiGiCo – Quantum7 and Orange Box with Mustard Processing.


    In conclusion, using 3d audio with public address (PA) systems is revolutionizing live events and growing in importance. With the ability to create a more immersive and engaging sound experience for audiences, it has become an essential part of the live sound industry. Companies like L-Acoustics, D&B Audiotechnik, Holoplot, and Astro Spatial Audio are constantly pushing the boundaries of 3D live sound. Their innovative solutions have set an industry standard for the industry.

    As the demand for 3D live sound grows, it’s critical to have the right expertise and equipment to ensure a successful event. Whether it’s a concert, conference, or any other type of event, having a knowledgeable and experienced professional on hand can make all the difference. As a professional sound engineer, I have extensive knowledge of live sound and can assist with any questions or concerns you may have. So, if you’re looking for the right decision for your next overcoming any problem and guidance you need to make your event a huge success.

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