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XPRO Berlin, IFA Berlin

02.09.2022 - 06.09.2022
XPRO Berlin booth at IFA Berlin

What is XPRO at IFA Berlin?

From September 2 to 6 you will find us at the XPRO Berlin booth at IFA Berlin. With XPRO, Messe Berlin is developing a new European B2B marketplace. It’s targeting experiential technologies, products and services that connects agencies, production and service companies. With international customers and cooperation partners via year-round hybrid formats.

Around the world, extraordinary experiences are created in cultural entertainment and brand spaces that connect us intuitively and sustainably with content and products. Innovative technologies such as virtual and augmented reality applications or multi-touch and app-based navigation systems are used.

The growing diversity of technological tools and the greater self-evidence of their use will cause the degree of networking and immersion to increase significantly once again in the coming years.

Messe Berlin is hosting

Messe Berlin has picked up on this market dynamic and is developing XPRO, a European hybrid B2B marketplace that connects agencies, production and service companies with international customers. Join us, discover what XPRO Berlin is all about, immerse yourself in interactive and immersive experiences, and learn all about the power of experiential technologies in culture, brand and entertainment in exciting talks.

XPRO Berlin is a new interdisciplinary European B2B marketplace for experience technologies, products, and services. XPRO Berlin is a format of Messe Berlin.

What is IFA?

The IFA in Berlin is a technology and industry trade fair that takes place annually in the summer in the exhibition halls under the Berlin Radio Tower. IFA stands for “International Radio and Television Exhibition”.

Martin Rieger is there

I’ll be joining in on the 5th and 6th September. My presentation is called “hear the unheard”.

Some people think of sound as nice-to-have. But with immersive technologies, it now became mandatory in the form of 3d audio. Martin will break down what’s in for you and why anybody knows that Apple already builds spatial audio in millions of devices.


Link to LinkedIn invitation:


To visit the XPRO booth you need an IFA ticket. Ticket are available on their website: https://b2b.ifa-berlin.com/de/fachbesucher/ticketing-services/

Hear the unheard

Here is the video recording of the live stream:


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