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Shift Medical 2022

21.09.2022 - 23.09.2022


Bored by anonymous online conferences? Experience the power of deep physical networking at Europe’s most valuable Medical XR congress. Live and on site in Heidelberg.

History of Shift Medical

Over the last three years Shift Medical has established itself as Europe’s leading community for Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality in healthcare. 2500 members are actively engaged in our worldwide community by attending virtual and physical events and continuously advancing Medical Extended Reality by building strong collaborations across academia, industry and government agencies. In 2022, our flagship congress Shift Medical will focus on strengthening the open and structured knowledge exchange between healthcare providers, businesses, governments and the general public with an exclusive in-person congress in the beautiful city Heidelberg in Germany.

Shift medical topic catalyst

If you are bored by anonymous online conferences, shake your head watching overpromising marketing claims and biased self-promotional talks, and you miss intimate unrecorded physical networking opportunities with colleagues who care about a sustainable Medical XR ecosystem Shift Medical 2022 is your congress.

Dedicated to evidence-based principles we will continue to shape ethical, regulatory, technological and data safety standards across the world for virtual, augmented and mixed reality in medicine.

Martin Rieger is participating as a spatial audio mentor

The fact that 3D audio in XR makes a decisive difference is already on most people’s radar. But what exactly is this spatial sound or whatever you want to call the new listening experience? This is exactly what will be demonstrated with practical examples throughout our congress. State-of-the-art audio technology meets creativity and unfolds its true potential. What does it sound like? Headphones on!

Why Spatial Audio is so important for the medical field?

Most people in the XR industry know how important sound is, yet rarely act like it. Sometimes, the listening experience is approached like it is just the icing on the cake and not equally important as the visuals.

That’s why Martin Rieger (VRTonung), the spatial audio expert, commits his life to the question: “how can we all benefit from three dimensional hearing?”

There are countless things that spatial audio can do which plain stereo or the visuals can’t. Martin’s talk breaks down how spatial audio can be used in XR and help the medical field pursue its – so grab your headphones and listen for yourself.

Find out more about 3D VR Sound in health

I already wrote a dedicated article on How medical sound can accelerate the healing process with VR.

I’m looking foward to meet everybody there. Before, feel free to ask me anything!

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