Das MikroForum ist eine zweitägige Veranstaltung in der Heimatstadt von Schoeps, in der wunderschönen Karlsburg in Karlsruhe-Durlach. Wir haben mit dem MikroForum eine Tagung gestaltet, zu der wir selber gerne gehen würden. Das MikroForum bietet gleichzeitig höchste Qualität der Vorträge und Workshops, direkte und kompetente Information von den anwesenden Herstellern und eine freundliche, familiäre Atmosphäre. Das 3. MikroForum findet am 16. und 17. April 2020 statt. Am nächsten Montag, 13. Januar 2020, 11:00 Uhr startet die Registrierung zum 3. MikroForum unter diesem Link. Der Unkostenbeitrag für Teilnehmer beträgt 120 € für beide Tage, 80 € für einen Tag, Studenten und Auszubildende zahlen ermäßigt 60 bzw. 40 € (alles inkl. MwSt.). Die Tickets beinhalten die Tagungsteilnahme mit Snacks, Getränken und kleinem Mittagessen.

Schoeps MikroForum

09.06.2022 - 10.06.2022
Karlsruhe-Durlacher Schloss

In order to make sure that everyone can come happily, healthily and safely, we have moved the 4th SCHOEPS MikroForum to a date in June:

It will take place on 09. and 10.06.2022, as usual in the Karlsruhe-Durlacher Schloss. We, the exhibitors as well as the speakers are looking forward to a nice – in Karlsruhe certainly warm – industry meeting directly after Whitsun. We are looking forward to your coming!

What would you expect?

The two-day lecture program has already been organized and, as usual and tried and tested, consists of selected presentations and workshops on the subject of sound technology in music, film, games and sports in stereo, surround, 3D and VR formats.

We have once again invited numerous renowned speakers from all fields. We are also pleased to be able to present our company with development and manufacturing in guided tours. Finally, the accompanying exhibition with companies from the ProAudio sector will provide sufficient nerdtalk in the foyer of Durlach Castle.

More info, a review of 2016 and 2018, the MikroThek with many videos and soon more details about dates and the program can be found at www.schoeps.de/mikroforum.

About the event

The MikroForum follows the philosophy at Schoeps, because it offers many things at the same time. Highest quality lectures and workshops, direct information from the attending manufacturers and a friendly, family atmosphere. Most of the participating industry partners and speakers have been working together amicably for a long time. In addition, a highlight, you can get your own impression of the company during the factory tour that takes place as part of the Schoeps Mikroforum.


The conference venue is once again Karlsburg Durlach, which creates a unique atmosphere. In addition to the large, magnificent hall, this year a workshop room in the castle will provide the opportunity for practical presentations with GENELEC 3D monitoring.

Cooperations are related with the VDT (Verband deutscher Tonmeister) and the AES (Audio Engineering Society). There will also be a meeting of the South Germany Section.

Follow-up report

…to come. In the meantime, follow the event on my Instagram https://www.instagram.com/vrtonung/

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