Prolight + Sound

19.03.2024 - 22.03.2024
Frankfurt am Main

About the event

International hotspot for entertainment technology

From the world’s largest range of theatre and stage technology (ProStage) to the most spectacular innovations in professional lighting (ProLight) and audio technology (ProAudio): As the industry’s leading trade fair, Prolight + Sound opens up the entire range of event technology to its visitors. This also includes the presentation of current trends in AV technology (ProAV) and innovative solutions for the event sector (ProEvent).

Keynotes, conferences, careers and more: Prolight + Sound also offers an extensive conference and knowledge programme on the industry’s hot topics. In the Future Hub, visitors will also find countless offers for their professional future.

Prolight + Sound combines networking and entertainment, promising a lively mix of glitz, glamour and business. Visitors can look forward to an exceptional keynote program, captivating live performances, exclusive community evenings and award ceremonies in a festive atmosphere.

Martin Pro Light + Sound Martin is proud that he has been invited to the Prolight + Sound trade fair as part of the Hosted Buyer Programme – thanks to the fantastic Mira Wölfel and her team!

Martins Highlights

🤩 Four days of technology battle at Prolight + Sound, which is not only eye-catching but also ear-catching, surrounded by an international audience that is just as crazy about technology as he is.

🤓 Martin had a few ‘aha’ moments while browsing the latest trends: “We tech nerds love to revel in the details. But sometimes we forget that not everyone speaks our jargon. Especially not the people we’re mostly doing this for”.

🤯 His little food for thought: “Technology is brilliant, no question about it. But we really want to achieve moments that blow us and our audience away without you needing a PhD in immersive sound engineering to understand it. Put simply: Technology is great, but it’s really just a means to an end. In my case, it’s to create immersive audio experiences”.

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