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DIVR XR Science Award – The most important XR award in higher education!

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About the XR Science Award

Experience cutting-edge research up close and for free!

The XR Science Award 2023 is a prestigious award that recognises cutting-edge research in the field of Extended Reality (XR). The event is organised by the German Institute for Virtual Realities (DIVR) and aims to recognise students for their outstanding achievements in XR research. The contributions are characterised by innovative approaches, scientific excellence and the potential to revolutionise the use of XR technologies in various application areas.

The award is presented in seven categories. Winners not only receive recognition for their work, but also the opportunity to present their research to a wide audience of specialists, investors and the general public. Each year, the award attracts top-class researchers, developers and experts from the XR community. As a result, it promotes a vivid discussion about the latest trends in virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR).

What is VRTonung doing there?

Martin XR Science Awards

3D Audio in Extendet Reality environments: Take your XR experiences to the next level!

Want to create an exciting XR adventure? Don’t forget the transformative power of sound! Martin Rieger, founder of VRTonung, has extensive first-hand expertise in 3d audio. He understands the crucial role it plays in creating authentic immersive worlds.

Join Martin for his engaging presentation where you will experience how spatial audio can make all the difference in your XR projects. Together we will explore the countless ways 3D sound can enrich your XR work. Let’s realise the maximum potential of immersive audio experiences!

In addition to his role as an expert speaker, Martin will also have the honour of being part of the jury for the XR Science Awards. With his infectious enthusiasm and passion for 3D audio, he is undoubtedly the ideal choice! He will be able to offer valuable advice to the emerging talent. We are looking forward to an eventful and exciting day!

XR Science Award Highlights

Martin had the privilege of serving on a 16-member jury for Extended Reality (XR) innovations and it was an awe-inspiring journey of discovery and transformation. His mission? To seek out and honor the brightest stars in XR research—a mission that was nothing short of exhilarating.

Martin‘s personal Highlights

🎓 We were inundated with remarkable bachelor’s and master’s theses and mind-blowing high-end XR experiences, each pushing the boundaries of innovation. As part of the jury, we faced the thrilling challenge of selecting the finest from an elite pool within a tight timeframe.

🥇The standout? A VR experience that shed light on the battle against ALS — a work of creativity, artistry, and technological brilliance that moved me to deliver an impromptu tribute. The storytelling was on point and what gave me goosebumps was how the hand tracking of the Meta Quest 2 was used. During the experience, the tracking got slower to simulate the muscle paralysis.

🙏 I’m grateful for the opportunity to contribute to recognizing talent within the XR research community and appreciate every effort that has been made to make this event happen. And for knowing about the importance of sound and inviting me!

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