LEaT X meets CiNEC

28.02.2024 - 29.02.2024

About the event

Meeting platform for the international film and entertainment industry

The fusion of LEaT X South and CiNEC will create a unique platform for all players in the event and media industry. The two events LEaT X South and CiNEC will take place together in Munich for the first time. This exciting cooperation will enable professionals and enthusiasts from both industries to learn from and with each other, make contacts and discover new things over two days.

Visitors can experience the latest developments and technologies from both sectors on the exhibition area, while an accompanying supporting programme will provide information on relevant trends and topics in the industries. The joint exhibition area of LEaT X and CiNEC will be complemented by an extensive supporting programme of the top-class CiNECongress. Discussion panels, presentations and keynote speeches will provide you with important inspiration. At the Expo, manufacturers, dealers and service providers from the film, TV and video industry will have the opportunity to present their latest developments to the trade audience.

The combination of LEaT X South and CiNEC is a great opportunity for the industry to network and provide new impulses for the future.

Insights from LEaT X CiNEC Event in Munich

As an attendee, Martin gathered key learnings and observations from the event, particularly regarding the evolution of immersive audio systems and the strategies of loudspeaker manufacturers.

Martins Top Learnings:

Immersive audio isn’t just a buzzword; it’s a game-changer in live events.

1. Experiential Nature of Immersive Audio

Sound effects are emerging as crucial elements in immersive audio setups. They enhance realism and contribute significantly to the overall immersive experience, often overshadowing the prominence of music.

2. Primacy of Content in Immersive Experience

While technology is crucial, captivating content remains paramount. Manufacturers recognize the need to align technological advancements with compelling content to deliver truly immersive experiences.

3. Diverse Approaches of Loudspeaker Manufacturers

Despite a uniform focus on immersive sound, manufacturers have diverse interpretations and approaches. Some prioritize holistic surround sound, while others focus on hyper-realistic audio reproduction, highlighting the industry’s dynamic nature.

Martins Special Highlight

Martin Sound Recording Leatcon Cinec

Martin is thrilled to share that his dream of collaborating with Sound & Recording has come true. In the podcast episode, he discusses immersive audio with Marc Bohn, exploring its significance and Martins innovative “3D audio matrix.” Plus, the episode is available as an immersive audio recording for an even more immersive experience.

Martin wants to thank Marc Bohn and his team wholeheartedly for the inspiring conversation at the event!

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