GAME SOUND POST – Immersives Audio in XR

Mitteldeutsche Multimediazentrum (MMZ): Mansfelder Str. 56, 06108 Halle


Immersive audio in XR, VR & 360° projects.

Workshop & Network Meeting

With the workshop GAME SOUND POST II, the 14th Film Music Days Saxony-Anhalt invites you to take a look at the current developments in the app and game industry with regard to immersive sound design. The added value of cross-industry collaboration with sound designers will be explored. In the workshop, all participants will have the opportunity to present their projects and discuss them with other developers, experts and industry representatives.

The short presentations of the projects will be enriched by impulse lectures of our speakers:

  • Michael Geidel (Actrio Studio / Leipzig) will use practical examples to show the opportunities that lie in using sound specifically in immersive media and why VR is being highly praised for this.
  • Martin Rieger (VRTonung / Munich) will discuss current applications for spatial audio under the motto “Technology meets creativity” and show what else could be possible with immersive sound.
  • In joint discussion rounds and a casual get-together with food and drink in the Schwemme e.V., existing networks from previous workshops (FILM-SOUND-POST and GAME-SOUND-POST I) will be connected and concrete ideas for future projects will be spun out. The workshop is aimed at interested parties from the fields of sound design as well as the app and games industry with the goal of creating regional synergy effects.


  • 13:15 Arrival and welcome
  • 13:30 >50% is made by sound (in XR)?! Impulse lecture by Michael Geidel (Actrio Studio / Leipzig)
  • 14:30 Snacks & Coffee
  • 14:45 Practical tips & tricks for immersive audio – and why now is a good time to get involved.time to get involved Keynote speech by Martin Rieger (VRTonung / Munich)
  • 15:45 Snacks & Coffee
  • 16:00 Short presentations: XR projects in Central Germany
  • 18:00 Get-together & Dinner at the Schwemme

For more details and registration, you can check out the event page:

Practical tips & tricks for immersive audio.

I would like to use the event to teach the non-sound people how to use sound for their productions. What to consider and how the market is evolving right now. Of course I’m also happy to talk to experienced colleagues! So come by – or follow me virtually on Instagram:

Under the motto ‘Technology Meets Creativity’, Martin Rieger inspired the workshop participants with a lecture about brand-new developments in the field of spatial audio and showed us the immense potential of immersive sound technologies. Professional, practical and entertaining.

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