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EYES & EARS 2022 goes 3D Audio

Haus der Bayerischen Wirtschaft

After 2 years of e-Edition, the annual association highlight, EYES & EARS 2022, will again take place in presence in Munich:

Monday, October 10, 2022

For more than 20 years, Eyes & Ears of Europe has been offering with the EYES & EARS every year a day full of networking, know-how and concentrated inspiration. Here, not only media professionals but also young talent meet to learn about the latest trends, innovations and new perspectives in the fields of design, promotion & marketing for media and entertainment brands from all over Europe.

Martin Rieger is there

This time I will be present with XRBavaria at a booth. Here we show which inspiring applications there are from the world of XR. Say, what do you do in the media with Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and the Metaverse.

Additionally, I am allowed to hold a masterclass:

Masterclass: “3D Audio is more immersive – and where exactly is the added value now?”

With his company VRTonung, Martin Rieger is a specialist for 360° audio recordings around the world and 3D audio post-production in the Munich recording studio. This makes VRTonung the interface to take care of immersive projects from creative storytelling at the beginning to technical implementation.

For more than half a decade, he has dedicated himself to the topic of immersive audio like hardly anyone else in the German-speaking world. His maxim is not to pretend to be particularly innovative or sustainable with 3D audio, but the trick is to come up with applications that would not even be possible with stereo.


There’s a breath of fresh air on the ears: 3D audio is getting a huge buzz from Apple’s new products, Dolby Atmos and ASMR videos on YouTube. But what’s the point of being more “immersive”! So here’s an end to buzzwords and time to show the real added value.

Because in the end, it’s not hype but heralds the next evolutionary stage of listening. Even with standard headphones, it is now possible to experience 3D audio technology from home.

But how can immersive audio now be used in media, such as marketing, broadcast or metaverse? What there is to know, how it all sounds and what exciting applications there are and will be.

Be there

Of course, I’ll be busy doing Eyes & Ears stories again. So follow me on Insta if you want to know how 3D audio works: https://www.instagram.com/vrtonung.

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