Mentoring (Talks, Workshops, Research)

Mentoring is a bit of a high-pitched word, but what does it mean to me? For the last years, I’ve mainly been doing 360° videos and virtual reality content probably like nobody else in Germany. It didn’t take me long to realize:
We are just beginning to discover the new realities.
That’s why I set myself the goal of creating a stronger awareness for immersive audio because 360° sound is exactly what I was looking for in my life.

Therefore, I want to push the topic aside to my work as a sound recordist and re-recording engineer, by:

  • speaking at events such as Medientage Munich, Audio Engineering Society (AES Milan), 2018 AES International Conference on Audio for Virtual and Augmented Reality (AES AVAR), SoundsInSpace Symposium Derby and varies VR/360°, VR MeetUps…
  • giving workshops such as the 360° sound masterclass, SAE Institute, HOFA College…
  • mentoring for Bachelor and Master theses and participating xR-Creators-Lab (Creative Europe Media training)
  • publishing dedicated knowledge on my blog VR-Sound for the VR-community

Sound has always played a rather thankless role in connection with moving images, and that’s exactly why I find that it needs to be rethought, especially in the area of virtual reality sound. As already mentioned so often, I like to say that things in VR can be overlooked, but not overheard. There are so many new possibilities that haven’t been tried out yet, or which we don’t know anything about yet.
But the whole topic is too big for me to be able and willing to take care of it on my own, which is why I want to contribute to doing justice to the topic and that’s best done with … what’s so nice called … Mentoring.

Best regards Martin